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February 10, 2022

Interview with Sylvain Hervochon

Sylvain Hervochon’s culinary experience has taken him around the globe, from owning a restaurant in France, working in the Galapagos and as Executive Chef at Jumby Bay in Antigua. Together with his wife Nadine, Sylvain opened the delightful Casa Roots in 2019 on Antigua’s famous Dickenson Bay.

Why did you create Casa Roots?

I wanted to create the place that I myself would like to visit in Antigua. Somewhere that’s very easy-going, back to roots and back to basics, earthy, comfortable, and elegant, but not pretentious. I found the right spot to create this restaurant, and we created Casa Roots by blending decoration, a great musical vibe and the right food.

What for you is a true luxury restaurant experience?

The most important thing for me is to feel the emotion and to enjoy the whole experience. I think we do a good job when a guest leaves the restaurant and they don’t only speak about the great food, but rather about the whole experience and atmosphere.

What type of food do you serve?

I’m French, but I am also very curious about other cultures. Since I’ve been working in the Caribbean for many years, I’m extremely interested in the local products and ingredients. We blend the West Indian spirit with French flavour!

How would you describe the essence of your food?

The product is first. Once you’ve found the right product, it’s important to not overcomplicate things. I like using just a few ingredients and creating a very fresh cuisine without heavy sauces, just light marination. Here in Antigua, I am supplied with the most fantastic fish, and I love doing different things with it like smoking, carpaccio or gravadlax.

And your favourite ingredient?

I come from a region in France that is very big on seafood like langoustines and oysters. So for me, my favourite ingredient is probably finding a large crab in a market that simply needs to be quickly cooked in a pan. That for me is one of my favourite dishes ever!

In Antigua, I have always been very impressed by the local clams – so they are certainly my favourite ingredients here. I am definitely more a fish person than a meat one.

Another ingredient I love is breadfruit. It has a very short season, a bit like the chestnut in Europe, so it is very precious and seasonal, but you can do so many interesting things with it.

I welcome you to visit us and discover our restaurant!

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