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November 2, 2021

Luxury defined by… Todd Krim

A lawyer-turned-charity matchmaker, known in Hollywood as “Mr. Charity”, Todd has become the entertainment industry’s go-to person for charities looking to connect with celebrities and vice versa. Having recently moved to Miami from Los Angeles, his clients have included the Kardashian-Jenner family, Michael Douglas and Zendaya amongst many others. His company, The Krim Group, has fostered partnerships between countless non-profits and celebrities, advised for-profit companies on social impact campaigns, and produced widely publicized charity events. He has recently partnered with real estate brokerage firm, The Real Estate Lab (TREL), in Miami where a percentage of the brokers’ commission is donated to a charity of the client’s choice.

What does luxury mean to you?

Something that is expensive, well-made, long-lasting, comfortable, and highly desirable.

But luxury isn’t limited to inanimate objects, it is also very much linked to experiences. For example, I had a very luxurious experience with the Global Citizen Forum when they took me and a bunch of celebrities to the Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi.

What for you is the most important factor in a luxury experience?

Service is definitely the most important thing – whether I am eating in a restaurant or staying in a hotel. What I love about luxury is that the staff are so perfectly trained. Comfort is also essential.

You work with many celebrities. How do you think “celebrity” influences luxury?

Celebrities have high standards, just the same as anyone who works hard and wants to enjoy their downtime. People are inspired and motivated by celebrities as they want to emulate them – they want to have the same things they have and do the same things that they do.

You’ve recently moved from Los Angeles to Miami. How does luxury compare between these two cities?

They are both big cosmopolitan cities with great restaurants and events, so they’re never boring. The difference is that Miami has more of an international feel – you are closer to Europe but also closer to South America, which means it has a strong Latin American influence. You’re also surrounded by a lot more water! Miami may not be on the same luxury scale as LA, but it is quickly catching up thanks to the opening of many high-end restaurants and hotels. Within five years, I think the two cities will be similar.

What is so special about Miami? What would you tell people who are thinking of visiting or living here?

Everyone is very friendly which makes it easy to meet people. People are less guarded than they are in LA and much more relaxed. Part of the reason is that it is more of a touristy destination. But that is changing since many entrepreneurs are beginning to start up businesses in Miami and many people from the tech and financial sectors are also moving here. It’s a laid-back and free-spirited city – anything goes. I have eaten the best food of my life in Miami – the restaurants are second to none. There is also great nightlife. And there’s a lot less traffic than in LA!

What do you like about the Caribbean?

I’ve been to both Antigua and the BVI. I love the Caribbean – it’s just so relaxed and laid back.

Working in the philanthropic world, is being able to give back a luxury for you?

Yes, it is definitely a luxury for me to be able to afford to give back and give my time for free to charities.

If you were allowed to take one luxury item to a desert island with you, what would you take?

I need my comfort and I’m thinking about my wonderful velvet sofa I’m sitting on – so I would say a nice velvet cushion!

Photo credit: Nick Garcia

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