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March 11, 2022

Aston Martin Residences art gallery presents Robi Walters

As part of the exhibit, Robi has created his own vision of the Aston Martin Residences in to a colorful collage, made from recycled card that is based on sacred geometry and also entitled “You’ll Know When You Get There.”

Based in London, Walters transforms discarded materials into beautiful works of art. His mesmerizing, colorful collages have attracted celebrity collectors worldwide, and he has collaborated with several renowned musicians, including U2, Mary J Blige and Sir Paul McCartney, to raise money for charity.

Walters made his first sculpture from recycled materials over a decade ago. Working with unusual materials such as broken vinyl LPs, his mesmerizing, multi-media pieces explore inner space and calm.

Robi Walters said: “To bring my artwork and creativity to the Aston Martin Residences virtual gallery feels like we are all stepping into the future. This collection is a special selection of pieces, and it’s a rare opportunity to see my work virtually. I’m very excited to be showing my interpretation of the Aston Martin Residences. The colors in the painting are inspired by the sea, by Miami itself, and the sun’s rays hitting the reflecting glass shell. My collages are made from recycled card and are based on sacred geometry. Transforming discarded materials into beautiful artworks brings balance and harmony to any room where they are displayed.”

Germán Coto, CEO of G&G Business Developments, said: “We’re delighted to present Robi’s work. It’s so intricate and visually stunning, and you see something different every time you look at the pieces in the collection. The painting we commissioned of the Aston Martin Residences is beautiful and uplifting. And while it’s wonderful to view virtually, I’m excited to see it in person when the physical art gallery opens for residents at the end of the year.”

“You’ll Know When You Get There” by Robi Walters, is now available to view in the Aston Martin Residences immersive 3D virtual gallery here

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